FootprintWhat is a Carbon Footprint
A Carbon Footprint is the measure given to the amount of green house gases produced by burning fossil fuels, measured in units of carbon dioxide (ie Kg).  Like walking on a soft sandy beach everyone leaves a footprint, and the aim of this web site, is to point to a number of ways in which this potential damage to our environment can be reduced.  This web site is sponsored by Tranquil PC Ltd, and we welcome other contributors to join us in our campaign to leave a lighter or zero carbon footprint on our planet.  If you have a valid contribution to make, please let us know.

How can I offset my Carbon Footprint?
You can help to off set your carbon footprint by following some of the tips on the Carbon Footprint page. Basic reduction in power consumption, responsible travel, and various other activities can offset your carbon footprint.

Make your next computer a Green Computer
A few words from our sponsor. There is much talk today about the effect of your PC on the environment. It may not seem so important, if there was only one or two PC's in your office, or even your home, but today there are tens of millions of PCs in use, and the amount of electricity they use, is not insignificant. Some companies are even off setting carbon emissions at source - find out more...

Consider making your next PC a green PC from Tranquil, not only will the carbon foot print be offset, your electricity costs will be at least halved - imagine that saving in your business!

Who Cares?
In a recent study (MORI Jan 2006) carried out on computer users, asked if they would spend a little more on an environmentally friendly computer - at least 54% (Germany) said they would, and in Thailand 84% said they would. 
Tranquil PC systems are not expensive, so go ahead consider switching to a Tranquil PC today, save money, save our planet – oh, and enjoy the ultimate in peace and quiet too!

Governments are concerned
All major world governments are concerned about and committed to reducing carbon emissions, or to become carbon neutral - do your bit too.

Stern report issued on Monday 30th October - read all about it here